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Below links are individual clubs that have supplied specific information for their club. Please note that all clubs are not represented with an individual link.

Forest Park Activities 2022-23

Clubs and Organizations 

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Grade Level Organizations – Open to all

Class of 2026 – Freshman

Ms. Cross - Admin



Promote school spirit and fundraise for class account.

Class of 2025 – Sophomores

Mr. Smith - Admin



Promote school spirit and fundraise for class account.

Class of 2024 – Juniors

Mr. Geisinger - Admin



Promote school spirit and fundraise for class account.

Class of 2023 – Seniors




Promote school spirit and fundraise for class account.


VHSL Activities – Open to all – VHSL eligibility requirements apply






Christine O’Connor 

All students are eligible to attend that meet VHSL eligibility requirements for non-athletic participation. An activity to enhance students’ abilities in areas of speech communication. Two branches of forensics: debate and individual events. Debate focuses on the skills of argumentation and logical thinking; whereas, individual events focuses on enhancing creativity and speaking delivery. Team will be focused on events such as extemporaneous speaking, humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, prose, and storytelling. Competition costs may be incurred.

Literary Magazine*



Open to anyone taking a writing course. Publish a literary magazine that showcase student writing and art. 

Robotics Club*

Karen Cinnamon 

The FP Robotics team is a competition based extracurricular activity. Students work in small teams to design, build and program a robot using the VEX Robotics platform to compete in tournaments against other high school teams in a game based engineering challenge. Students apply at the beginning of the school year. The competition season goes from Sep through Mar and students must be willing to commit to the team and attend practices for the full year. Space and resources are limited and the selection process is highly competitive.

Theatre/Drama Club*

Lori Spitzer-Wilk


Honor Societies – Eligibility requirements apply

French Honor Society




Completion of French III with an average grade of A for the first 3 marking periods. French Honors Society focuses on spreading awareness of French culture throughout the school. $20 membership 

German/Russian Honor Society

Natalia Shamshyna-Adler


International Thespians Honor Society

Lori Spitzer-Wilk


National Art Honor Society

Mietta Solliday 


Math Honor Society


Donna Gibson 

Currently enrolled in Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and AP Statistics that have a math GPA of 3.5 or higher. This society will host math tutoring for FP students. No fees.

National English Honor Society



11th – 12th grade.  Club will serve to challenge and reward high-achieving students.

National Honor Society

Brian Higgins

Susan Miles 

10th – 12th grade students with a GPA of 3.6 or higher.  Membership is by faculty selection. This chapter shall create an enthusiasm for scholarship, render service, promote leadership, and encourage development of character. $10/Jr $20/Sr

National Social Studies Honor Society

Allison Young

Emily Hunt 

11th – 12th grade.  Honor society for students who excel and have an interest in the social studied.

Quill & Scroll Honor Society



11th – 12th grade.

Science National Honor Society (SNHS)



10th - 12th graders, overall GPA of 3.0, a B+ average in all science courses taken. Must be currently enrolled in or taking a science course in the upcoming school year. Must have taken at least one advanced science course. Complete a membership packet, recommended by two science teachers and one other faculty member and verification of grades. SNHS is a national organization honoring and encouraging student excellence in science. Institutions nationwide recognize members as scientific leaders in their high school and community. The objectives are: Encouraging and recognizing scientific and intellectual thought; Advancing students’ knowledge of classical and modern science; Communicating with the scientific community; Aiding the civic community with its comprehension of science. $20 fee.

Spanish Honor Society

Sandra Alvarez  


Tri-M National Music Honor Society

Ben Pereyra 


Curriculum Based Activities – Enrolled/Taken the course






Lara Brittain 


Chemistry Club

Anthony Shulsky

11th – 12th grade. Completion of General Chemistry/Pre-AP Chemistry courses. The organization is for students who are highly interested in services in the chemistry community.


Jacqueline Bullock 

JROTC offers numerous opportunities for extra curriculum activities.

Marching Band*

Ben Pereyra 

Any student enrolled at FP can join prior musical experience is desired, but not required. The Drumline is the only section of the ensemble that is built based off competitive audition. The MBB is the main public performing group and an extension of the band curriculum at FP. This ensemble grants students an opportunity to experience the marching arts and perform many different exciting mediums of music at football games and marching band competitions around the state. All members of our ensemble add to our overall performance and every member is essential to the success of the production. Members of the Marching Bruin Band receive 1⁄2 credit on their transcript. Fee of $295 covers cost of travel and entry fees.

Physics Club

Anthony Shulsky 

11th – 12th grade. An organization that promotes physics by providing opportunities, and enlightenment.

Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America, FCCLA


Susan Gonzalez 


Anyone who has taken a FACS class in middle or high school may join. A student leadership organization that offers students the opportunity to develop real world skills for life.  Students engage in mentoring, organizing appreciation dinners and leading community service projects. $12.00 membership fee.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)



A business-oriented service club for any student in a business class. 


Moli Becker 

Enrollment in course. May compete with publication through VHSL.





School Sponsored Clubs – Open to all

American Computer Science League


Alan Friebe 

Open to anyone interested in Computer Science Computer. Programming competition. No fees.

Book Club



A group of student/faculty will meet to discuss literature and relevant themes to each work.

Breakfast with Santa



Annual Event that provides a holiday themed spectacular for the FP community

Bruin Buddies 




Chess Club


Nicole Largen 

Club for those interested in Chess and participate in tournaments.

Cyber Club

William Bimber 


Drill/Dance Club*

Kadaisha Simon 

By audition. Perform at home football and basketball games, compete at local competitions. 

Ecology Club

Ashley Tayon 

Environmental projects

Educators Rising*



Learn about the educational field by volunteering in local schools.

French Club




German/Russian Club

Natalia Shamshyna-Adler


Key Club


Christine O’Connor

Melissa Hunninford 

Any student is eligible to join. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels. Service hours can be used for other high school organizations. $12 fee.

Photography Club

Mietta Solliday


Spanish Club

Nidia Oshiro 


Student Council Advisory (SCA)*

Julianna Gonzalez 



William Bimber 

Recycling computers for worthy causes.

Unified Sports


Kelly McCann 

Anyone can join must have a C or better to participate in flex time games. Unified Sports is an inclusive sports program that unites Special Olympics athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) as teammates for training and competition. We presently play kickball/basketball and track and Field. 

Winter Guard 



By audition. Flag drill team associated with the Marching Band.

Open Forum Clubs – Open to all

Active Minds

Tina Duffy

Student-led organization that seeks to raise awareness and expand the conversation about student mental health concerns. 2022-2023 will be our first year at FP

Black Student Union


De’Shauna Thornton 


Asian Pacific American Association

Ben Pererya 



Dan Bredbenner

Christian fellowship and student leadership development.  Student run the various aspects of club meetings, including games, activities, discussion and speakers.

Muslim Student Association



Club where students can talk about the teachings of Islam and learn more about it.

Booster Clubs – Parent and Faculty Membership

Band Boosters




Choir Boosters




Orchestra Boosters




Bruin Boosters


Nicole Largen


Booster Club for the entire school.