Welcome to the English for Speakers of Other Languages Page!

     We at the ESOL department are committed in helping you in improving academic language to succeed in school. Our focus is to help you become proficient in all areas of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. For more information on our program, you can visit the PWCS webpage for Student Opportunity and Multilingual Services.

Our Team at Forest Park


Almut Miller

Room 1002

Dept. Chair; English 10; English 9; A-Street Bruins

Lorraine Bell

Room 1001

English 9;  Algebra Readiness

Hallie Harris

Room 1001

ELD 11 - English Language Development; ELD 12 - English Language Development

Margaret Lee

Room 1003

ELD 9 - English Language Development; General Science

Oscar Fontiveros Osorio

Room 1003

ELD 9 - English Language Development; ELD 10 - English Language Development;

Survey of World History