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Solar Eclipse April 2024

Our bruins were ready for the eclipse, and what an amazing show it was! Check out the pictures below from our teachers and telescope crew! 

 FPHS students experiencing the solar eclipse


Solar eclipse image 1        solar eclipse image 2


solar eclipse image 3


What's new in the Science Department??

Did you know we have a telescope on our roof? Check out some of the pictures Mr. Carbone and the observatory team have taken!

SP1-Pillars-of-Creation.jpeg SP2-IC434-taken-with-the-FPHS-camera-Celestron-11SE.jpg

Left: Nasa Data and image processing challenge: Pillars of Creation. Submitted by Yami Ventura

Right: IC434 taken with the FPHS camera. Celestron 11SE and processed by an FPHS student group. The horsehead nebula is 1500 LY away!

SP3-M51-Whirlpool-Galaxy.jpg SP4-Comet-c.PNG

Left: M51, Whirlpool Galaxy. Image taken by the FPHS observatory and processed by a former FP student, Daniel Horvath. 30,000 lightyears away! 

Right: Comet c/2022 E3ZTF taken by the FPHS observatory and processed by students and the FP astronomy network.


M57 Ring Nebula. Taken and processed by the FPHS observatory team. 2300 light years away!

Below are pictures of the FPHS observatory team. If you are interested in being part of this group, please see Mr. Carbone!

SP-5-Scope-team-1.jpg SP6-Scope-team-2.jpg


Are you game for a little competition??

Recycle Plastic with the Science Department at FPHS!!

Each year, FPHS collects plastic bogs to recycle with the TREX program. This year, we will be competing in a national competition for TREX but also between FPHS departments. Let's earn a win for the science department and Earth at the same time!

You would be surprised at how much plastic you can actually recycle! Check out all you can bring in to your science teacher! Your efforts to recycle will support our school and the environment!


Want to help the environment and develop leadership skills?     Join L.O.Y.E.L.! 

It stands for the League of Young Environmental Leaders, and it is a great way for aspiring leaders to be part of sustainable solutions for the benefit of our environment and community. You will be able to work with other students from other schools as well as the PWCS Department of Energy and Sustainability to make a difference!

Check out the flyer here: LOYEL.pdf     

Opportunities in Science and STEM! (free camps, PAID internships, fly a plane!)

Please return here as STEM opportunities are frequently updated!!

STEM Fusion Program- Interested in exploring a variety of STEM areas such as cybersecurity, health care, engineering, and more? Check out the flyer for the STEM Fusion Program through George Mason University! STEM Fusion flyer.pdf  

Bioengineering Summer Camp for rising junior and senior high school students. Students will participate in both didactic and hands-on experiences, interact with faculty, and tour the Fairfax George Mason University research facilities and campus. This four-day camp will start on June 17, 2024. Applications are being accepted through March 15, 2024. For more information visit the BIOE-BUZZ  website or contact Carolyn Wilson at 703-627-5588


Federal Water Quality Assoc. 2024 Environmental Scholarships.pdf

Curriculum and SOL information:

*Want to know what each course covers? Check out the curriculum documents here: VDOE--curriculum framework and resources.

Need Course descriptions? Course Descriptions 2023-2024.pptx

*Need to prepare for an SOL? Check out Test Nav practice items at VDOE--practice items for the SOL. This link provides access to Test Nav questions in formats similar to what you may see on a science SOL. Students taking any science SOL can benefit from looking at how these questions should be answered. To see the updated style, please see the Biology questions which is the only course with updated items. However, regardless of the test you are taking, Test Nav questions are a terrific practice in any content.


*Want more practice questions for SOL preparation? Get a little more practice using released tests at VDOE--released tests & item sets. They are great question sets and should be used in addition to Test Nav practice. If you need more help, contact a teacher below!

Science Department Teachers
Teacher Email Room Number
Ms. Burke [email protected] 2210
Mr. Carbone  [email protected] 2203
Mr. Cassel [email protected] 2209
Ms. Donaldson [email protected] 2208
Mr. Fredrick [email protected] 2202
Ms. LaBelle [email protected] 2207
Mr. Longo [email protected] 1157
Ms. McBride [email protected] 2211
Ms. Mullins [email protected] 2204
Ms. Passawe [email protected] 2206
Mr. Pickens [email protected] 2201
Mr. Shulsky  [email protected] 2200
Mr. Wolverton [email protected] 2205
Ms. Zarkauskas  [email protected] 2114
Mr. Zuck [email protected] 1142


Honor Society Sponsors

Chemistry Honor Society questions? Contact Mr. Shulsky

Science National Honor Society questions? Contact Mr. Carbone