Robotics Updated March 9, 2020

States Update! 3/9/20

The Robotics team spent the past weekend competing at the Virginia VEX Robotics State Championships where they competed admirably against the top 56 teams from around the state. Our 5 teams competed with the hearts and minds of champions and showed great tenacity on the field. From their consistent autonomous programming to clutch performances during their matches, it was an impressive showing by all our teams. 

In the end, 4303C finished in first place after 112 qualifying matches were played and finished as the tournament semi-finalists which earned them a invitation to compete at the World Championships in April. They will be one of 12 teams to represent the state of Virginia. 

Please congratulate all our students on a job well done. They represented Forest Park extremely well and I could not be more proud of all of our students!

Not sure if this will work, but NOVA Systemic shared some videos from States on their facebook page. This is from the quarter final match where Forest Park won 68-57 (we are on the red alliance/right side). It was very close, stacking and balancing cubes up to 11 high is hard to do by hand, try doing it with a robot!


robotics 2
robotics 3

Update 3/5/20
The Forest Park Robotics team will be sending 5 teams to the VEX Robotics State Championships this year, a new record for our program. The best 56 high school teams from around the state will gather in Doswell, Virginia at the Meadow Event Center on March 6 and 7 to compete with hopes of continuing Forest Park's streak of advancing teams to the World Championships in April.

The event will be livestreamed if you wish to tune in and see what it is our talented students do. They have spent hundreds of hours working together to design, engineer, build and program robots to compete in head to head matches and also skills challenges. Livestream:  Matches will begin at 2pm on Friday and starting at 10am on Saturday. 

The match list and results will be posted on (go to the results tab)
Look for teams 4303A, 4303C, 4303D, 4303E and 4303X 






Jordan Iber

Eleanor Sigrest

Melanie Johnson

Dean Ahmad

Thomas Byrne

Lukyan Sukhachevskyi

Michael Cinnamon

Sebastian Dominguez

Abduhu Chauhdury

Hadeer Awan

Indulekha Sanil

Elyas Shafiq

Joesph Hickey

Caleb Delbridge

Ryan De Lopez

Justin Iber

Cayden Smedley

Lucus Murray

Bilal Imran

Izabela Isenberg

Kai Dove

Amanda Sorto

Derek Taylor

Hayden Robinette

Desman Boykin

Luke Lithisack

Kevin Lin

Tori Johnson

Elsa Sikali

Mohamed Musa

Update Feb 5, 2000

The Forest Park Robotics Team competed at Roboticon this past weekend against 50 teams from PWCS and around the state. 4303A Aftermath competed hard through the tournament and were the Tournament Champions. 4303C Cosmos won the Excellence Award given to the top overall team and finished as Tournament Finalists. Both teams have advanced to the State Championships next month. 

Winning Robotics Competition


FP vs FP

Members of 4303A Aftermath: Jordan Iber, Justin Iber, Lukyan Sukhachevskyi, Indulekha Sanil, Kai Dove and Luke Lithisack

Member of 4303C Cosmos: Eleanor Sigrest, Michael Cinnamon, Elyas Shafiq, Cayden Smedley, Amanda Sorta, Kevin Lin

The Forest Park Robotics Team competed this past weekend at the RVA VEX Robotics Competition in Richmond. Our teams showed great improvement since our first competition, with 3 of our teams finishing in the top 6 after the qualifying matches. Team 4303C, the Cosmos won the Excellence Award, the highest award awarded at a competition for their standout performance on the field, robot skills, engineering notebook and judged interviews. They have qualified to compete at the State Championships in March.

Members of Team 4303C 
Eleanor Sigrest
Elyas Shafiq
Michael Cinnamon
Cayden Smedley
Kevin Lin
Amanda Sorto

Robotics 1

Forest Park was invited to represent the PWCS Robotics program at the Superintendent's Annual Business Breakfast hosted by the SPARK Foundation. Students represented the Forest Park VEX Robotics team as well as SuperNOVA, the PWCS all-county FIRST Robotics team. Students demonstrated robots and their capabilities and spoke with over 200 local business leaders, politicians, and school board members about the impact our award winning program has had on their lives and the engineering and programming skills they have learned through the program. 

Students in attendance were: Eleanor Sigrest, Michael Cinnamon, Thomas Byrne, Elyas Shafiq, Jordan Iber, Evan Hess, Anthony Perry and Ryan de Lopez.

Robotics team attends Superintendent's Business Breakfast

Robotics team attends Superintendent's Business Breakfast
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