Health & PE
Active, healthy and happy students. 
It is our mission to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for each to develop an individualized plan for life-long 
health and wellness.

Welcome to the 2019 -2020 school year.
General program information and announcements for Health and Physical Education will be posted via this page. For more specific information please refer to your student's individual class web-page.

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to contact
HPE department chair Kelly McCann

General Physical Education:

If you need to rent a lock for $3 for the year, please see your child's PE teacher or bring in a personal lock

Absolutely NO backpacks or book bags will be allowed in the PE lockers rooms. All students in 9th & 10th grade will be assigned a locker. Students must place their back pack in their hall locker before coming to PE. Only small cinch sack are allowed.

Image result for driver ed coursePhysical Education Safety- Per Regulation 403.09-1 
Section VI. Cell phone use is prohibited in the locker room and/or changing areas.


Range and Road In-Car Instruction is offered as an after school program at each Prince William County Public High School. Range/Road instruction is scheduled at each high school during the school year. Range/Road instruction  provides 14 hours of driving in residential, open, and interstate roadways. For school registration and information, contact your driver education coordinator. 

Please see Mr. Locke in the commons before school to sign up for Road & Range. Your child must have their learner's permit to sign up. 

Prince William County Public Schools provides the driver education instruction that meets the Virginia State requirements for students to receive their driver's license. In tenth grade physical education, each high school provides a minimum of thirty-six classroom hours of driver education instruction. Parents/guardians and their student drivers are required to attend a 90-minute traffic safety program as part of the in-classroom portion of the driver education curriculum. This program requirement must be met before a student receives a Driver Education Certificate of Completion card (DEC-1 card). Parent/Student Meeting Schedule

Concussion Training


 Online Concussion Training


Q: Who needs training?     A: All student athletes and their parent/guardian need annual training. 
Middle school students who are trying out for a sport for their first time in middle school or are new to Prince William County Public Schools must attend a face-to-face concussion training WITH THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN at one of the county's middle schools.
  • High school students who are entering 9th grade and trying out for a sport for their first time in high school or are new to Prince William County Public schools must attend a face-to-face concussion training WITH THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN at one of the county's high schools.

Q: I have a middle school student AND a high school student, which training do I need?    A: BOTH
As there are sufficient differences in the way concussions will be handled at the middle school and high school levels, a parent having children in both middle and high schools is required to attend both a middle AND a high school presentation.