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Please use this extended time off to continue reviewing our Quarter 3 material.

Please look at the Quarter 3 review key that is in "Files and Documents".

Khan Academy is a great tool to continue practicing these problems that we have covered.  

Additionally......our textbook and workbooks are great resources for additional practice.

If there are any assignments that you have not completed.....this is a great time to work on completing those assignments.

Students can also find additional remediation as well as enrichment through Khan Academy: This link will take students to their Clever accounts where they can sign in with their Office 365 account to access these resources

Students can also practice taking multiple choice quizzes to see their level of comprehension: https://education.jlab.org/solquiz/

More excellent resources here: https://www.pwcs.edu/cms/One.aspx?portalId=340225&pageId=41506907

NEW (4/1/20)  More excellent resources right here: 


New (4/13/20): I have added more practice on Rational Equations!

Click on "Files and Documents", Open up the ALG 2 Folder, It is the first file dated 4/13/20.

Here's an excellent tutorial video on solving rational equations!  Have a look:

Please work on these.....and let me know if you have questions!!


Stay Safe!

New (4/19/20): I have added more practice on Function Operations / Inverses!

Click on "files and Documents", Open up the ALG 2 Folder, It is on the top dated 4/19/20.

Here's an excellent tutorial video on Function Operations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ3jQmHEElg


Stay safe!

New (4/27/20) :  I have added two videos on Parent Function Transformations.  Please view these videos!

Video #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8howrlJVyxw

Video #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRgfwv0nTf0

Now.....to check your comprehension....Please do this worksheet: https://4.files.edl.io/0a1d/09/30/19/234516-8dbc02d1-3f11-4156-bc66-9a3e165e215a.pdf

Thanks a bunch!!

New (5/4/20): I have added two videos on Evaluating and Graphing Polynomial Functions!
Video #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyrVR5LG6r4

Video #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyrVR5LG6r4

To check you understanding......please click here!  7.1  DO: (5-44)

Here ya go
:  https://www.augusta.k12.va.us/cms/lib01/va01000173/centricity/domain/766/chap07.pdf

New (5/11/20): New video here on solving Polynomial Equation by factoring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATlzOiJZHoU

Here is a worksheet to check your understanding: https://www.lavc.edu/math/library/math113_114_115/Worksheets/polyeqns.pdf

New (5/18/20): Here is a great video on solving radical equations: 

Here is a WS to check your understanding:  


New (5/25/20): Here's a great video on solving Nonlinear Systems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaeOf9pcNYg  

Here is a worksheet to check your understanding: Please do: (3-26):  https://www.jacksonsd.org/cms/lib/NJ01912744/Centricity/Domain/560/SE%209.6A.pdf

New (6/1/20)
Heres a great video on "Completing the Square":

Heres a WS to check your understanding: https://cdn.kutasoftware.com/Worksheets/Alg2/Quadratic%20Equations%20By%20Completing%20the%20Square.pdf

IMPORTANT: Please take a pic and send me your completed assignment so I can provide feedback! Let me know if you have questions!! whitneka@pwcs.edu

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And.....one more thing......"HARD WORK.......BRINGS GOOD LUCK"!!

Algebra 2 Objectives (2019-2020)  (We have covered everything through Qtr.3)

Quarter 1
Factoring Review in Flex
Obj 1: Factoring (Algebra 1)

Absolute Value 
Obj 1: Set and Interval Notation 
Obj 2: Absolute Value Equations  
Obj 3: Absolute Value Inequalities 

Obj 1: Domain/Range 
Obj 2: Equations and verbal descriptions  
Obj 3: Equations and graphs  
Obj 4: Graphing Absolute Value and Quadratic 

Quadratics (and imaginary/complex numbers)
Obj 1: Standard and Vertex Form  
Obj 2: Modeling with Quadratics/Regression
Obj 3: Operations with Complex Numbers  
Obj 4: Solving: Factoring and Square Roots  
Obj 5: Solving: Completing the Square  
Obj 6: Quadratic Formula and Discriminant
Obj 7: Solving all Quadratics (real and complex solutions)
Obj 8: Quadratic Systems  

Quarter 2
Obj 1: Standard Form and End Behavior 
Obj 2: Factors, Roots, Polynomials, Graphs
Obj 3: Higher Order Factoring 
(Sum/Difference Cubes, Quartics)
Obj 4: Solve Polynomials by Factoring 
Obj 5: Polynomial Division (long and synthetic)
Obj 6: Applying Theorems of Polynomials
Obj 7: Transformations with Polynomials



Obj 1: Add/Subtract Radical Expressions
Obj 2: Multiply/Divide Radical Expressions
Obj 3: Radicals as Rational Exponents
Obj 4: Solving Radical Equations
Obj 5: Transformations with Radicals

Quarter 3
Obj 1: Function Operations and Composition
Obj 2: Inverse of Functions

Rational Expressions & Equations, Variations
Obj 1: Multiply Rational Expressions
Obj 2: Divide Rational Expressions
Obj 3: Add/Subtract Rational Expressions
Obj 4: Solving Rational Equations
Obj 5: Graphing Reciprocal & Rational Functions
Obj 6: Variation (direct, inverse, joint)


Topics Still Left this Year

Quarter 4
Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
Obj 1: Domain, Range, Asymptotes
Obj 2: Transformations
Obj 3: Regression

Sequence & Series
Obj 1: Arithmetic Sequences and Series
Obj 2: Geometric Sequences and Series

Obj 1: Permutations & Combinations
Obj 2: Normal Curve
Obj 3: Z-scores