Mr. Fenson
Computer Science and Math Teacher

Hello and welcome to Mr. Fenson's AFDA and APCSP page. This class utilizes as it’s primary means of providing information/resources to parents and students until we return to school. Assignments are completed through google forms with links provided via All students have accounts setup but accounts are not needed and all information:

Click on this this link for all of your AFDA Box account

Click on the link below to see the material covered this year in AFDA
AFDA Curriculum Covered Link

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The link below is to the materials covered this year in AP CSP
AP CSP Curriculum Covered Link

Office Hours:
10am-noon Tuesdays
Any other time please contact me with a time where you will be checking your email again (at least 4 hours later) so that we can email each other live. Please remember, send a picture of your work (or type it out) and list the assignment number and question number so that I can easily respond. Example:
#316 24

this shows me the exact step and error and what you are thinking so that I can answer with feedback custom to your errors. Also allows me to teach you instead of just giving you a hint.

Nathaniel Fenson
703-583-3200 (School Number)

Class Schedule: 


Gold Days


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 7 Planning

Office Hours:
Tue-Friday 7am-7:25am

Google Classroom:
I do not use google classroom. I use Email me if you would like access to your students submissions and class files. Classroom content located at link below for AFDA: Math Class Classroom content located at link below for AP Computer Science Principles

How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:
How to Subscribe to Calendar Alerts via Email  

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.