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      Hi guys,  this year sure hasn't turned out like any others.   Be safe, STAY HOME, and stay productive.  You should be checking the Google Class page daily (you get the email when something new is posted). Several are asking questions that we simply don't have answers to yet,  there are many options that are being considered.  Since all of that is beyond your control,  work on the things you can.  Check GC daily,  check the webassign work to keep your brain from turning to mush. Join in on our ZOOM meetings if you have questions or just need to see people from school periodically.  Read the top message on GC,  it's the plan until we know more and all updates will be there.....

Stay safe.

Class Schedule: 


Gold Days

Blue Days


Physics 1 Physics 1
3/Flex Plan Flex A/B


Physics 1 Physics 1


Physics 1 Physics 1

Office Hours:
Every morning 6:30-7:30, M,T,TH after school

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