Hello, and welcome to Mrs. Zarkauskas's AP Environmental Science page. This class utilizes Google Classroom as its primary means of providing information/resources to parents and students until we return to school.

Office Hours:

Tuesdays from 10:00 - 12:00 - The link is on the Google Classroom page header under the name for the classroom

Tuesdays from 12:00 - 1:00 & Thursdays from 1:00 - 2:00 - The link is in the Google class Calendar. 

The following link will take you to the pacing guide of units we have covered so far this year. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13WfMztBVZAliHVuHMZAytGkxPScUbnyn5TIBkhynsmk/edit?usp=sharing

I have opened all of the multiple choice questions and FRQ for each unit on the college board site. https://www.collegeboard.org/ Please use these to help you review for the exam. (see information below about the test format for this year)

 If students have work that was assigned prior to March 12, 2020 and would like to turn it in, please e-mail me the assignments. 

College Board has the following information on their website: 

Remote Supports for AP Students and Teachers

We’re providing free resources to support remote learning, and we’re working on a plan for students to take AP Exams from home.

Free AP Review Classes

Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, you can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses:

  • Are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work your teacher may give you.
  • Will be available on-demand, so you can access them any time.
  • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons covering the final 25% of the course.


The reviews will be from 1:00 - 1:45 pm. 

Here is information about the EXAM from College Board: 

Your health and safety are our top priorities. We know the coronavirus has created new and unexpected challenges. Here’s how the AP Program is supporting you and your school:

  • We’re providing live and on-demand AP courses for free.
  • We’re developing a new at-home testing option.

Based on the number and length of school closures, it's clear that the usual way AP Exams are given at schools won’t be possible.

Some students may want to take the exam sooner rather than later, while the content is still fresh. Other students may want more time to practice. For each AP subject, there will be two different testing dates. The full exam schedule, specific free-response question types that will be on each AP Exam, and additional testing information will be available by April 3.

For the 2019-20 exam administration only:

  • We’re developing secure 45-minute online free-response exams for each course.
  • The exam content will focus on what most schools were able to complete by early March.
  • You’ll be able to take your exams on any device you have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll also have the option to write your responses by hand and submit a photo.
  • Colleges support this solution and are committed to ensuring that AP students receive the credit they have worked to earn. For decades, colleges have accepted a shortened AP Exam for college credit when groups of students have experienced emergencies.
  • We know that not all students have access to the internet or a device. We’re working on solutions to help students get what they need to show their best work. If you need mobile tools or connectivity or know someone who does, you can reach us directly to let us know.

The exams will be secure. We’re using a variety of digital security tools, including plagiarism detection software.

If you have any questions, please reach out. 

Stay safe and healthy, 

Mrs. Zarkauskas