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Google Classroom:

 We will be using Google Classroom this year. Google Classroom allows me to create and collect assignments paperless. Students can keep track of what's due on the Assignments page and begin working with a click. Students should login with your Google Apps account.  To access Google Classroom, visit:  (remember you have to use your Google Chrome Browser) 

March 25:
 I'll be continuing to use Google Classroom as a way to communicate and provide information and resources to both students and parents until we return to school.  Students joined their class page at the beginning of the year, however, if you need the code to access the page please send me an email. 

I will be adding resources to help review and practice what we were doing in class.  Please continue to check your google classroom page for updates. 

Here are the standards that I have covered up to March 13, 2020

Spanish I:  Sp1 Standards taught up to March 13th.

Functions/Objectives: I can…

Spanish in the world

  • Identify stereotypes
  • Identify language communities world-wide
  • Recognize Spanish language variations
  • Recognize similarities between Spanish and English
  • Demonstrate intercultural awareness

-Greetings & goodbyes

-Express courtesy



-Body language & personal space

Spanish in the classroom

  • Identify basic classroom objects
  • Use classroom expressions and make requests
  • Ask about & identify class items
  • Ask and tell how to say, spell, and identify meanings of words in Spanish
  • Ask for and give the day & date

Share personal demographic information

  • Ask for and give names
  • Ask and tell how others & I are feeling
  • Ask and tell where others & I are from
  • Ask for and state ages
  • Ask for and give birthdates
  • Request and provide contact information

nit 2: My Life at School


Functions/Objectives:  I can…

  • Ask for and give the time
  • Identify and describe classroom objects
  • Locate objects in a classroom
  • Discuss school schedules and say at what time classes begin & end
  • Express what people have and need for classes
  • Express an opinion about a class
  • Identify places around the school
  • Ask and say to where people go in the school
  • Talk about events after school including at what time & where they occur
  • Identify and describe clothing
  • Discuss what people wear to school
  • Talk about the seasons and weather


Unit 3: My Life at Home


Functions/Objectives:  I can…

  • Talk about family relationships
  • Describe physical and personality traits of others
  • Talk about leisure-time activities
  • Talk about where leisure-time activities take place
  • State likes and dislikes of things/objects

Unit 4 My Life in the Community

  • Talk about places in the city/community
  • Discuss how I get places and interpret a train/bus schedule

Below Is what I was going to start teaching before we shut down

  • Talk about what people are going to do during free time
  • Ask and say what people want to do
  • Differentiate between what people have to do or want to do
  • Extend, accept, and decline an invitation to do an activity

Unit 4: My Life in the Community


Functions/Objectives:  I can

  • Identify and describe foods and drinks
  • Order a simple lunch/dinner
  • Describe the flavor of foods and beverages

SP 2 Standards Already Taught before March 13th

The standards listed below are topics that students have already been taught from the  beginning of the year until the last day before the COVID 19 break on April 13th. During this remote period, we will be working to review some of these topics.

Unit 1: My Life

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Talk about myself
  • Discuss my family and friends
  • Describe my daily life
  • Discuss what I am doing in my daily life

General functions & objectives: I can...

  • Discuss extended family and relationships
  • Describe, the personalities of family and friends
  • Describe professions of family members and friends

More specific functions & objectives: I can…

  • ask and answer questions concerning descriptions of friends, family members, and pets

  • initiate and respond to questions with families and friends
  • Communicate near future plans
  • listen to simple conversations related to family life respond appropriately to questions or commands
  • understand various texts describing family life
  • state the professions of family members and friends
  • describe family members, friends, and pets
  • write brief descriptions of family members, friends and pets
    Vocabulary Covered:
  • Family members
  • Descriptive adjectives
  • Professions
  • Activities/Hobbies

Grammar Points Covered:

  • Regular –er, -ir, and –re present tense verbs
  • Stem Changers
  • Irregular verbs
  • Irregular yo verbs
  • Possessive adjectives (review)
  • Agreement of regular and irregular adjectives
  • Near future

Unit 2: Healthy Living

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Name Parts of the body
  • Describe my daily personal grooming routine
  • Identify personal hygiene products
  • Describe my daily routine 

Vocabulary Covered:

  • Hygiene products
  • Daily routine
  • Household vocabulary 
  • Grammar Points Covered:
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Tener expressions
  • Acabar de
  • Time expressions 
  • Stem Changers

Unit 3: Travel, Trips, and Tourism

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Discuss leisure activities for a specific region or location
  • Discuss what I am going to do to prepare for an upcoming trip
  • Recognize weather expressions and a forecast
  • Recognize a time or date when plans are discussed
  • Describe a recent trip
  • Retell a timeline of a trip or event
  • Caption pictures that highlight a trip experience  

Vocabulary Covered:

  • Vacation vocabulary
  • Travel vocabulary
  • Modes of transportation
  • Beach vocabulary
  • Environment vocabulary

Grammar Points Covered:

  • Ir + a
  • Preterit Tense
    • Regular Preterit
    • Irregular Preterit
  • Por + transportation

Unit 4: Navigating Communities (Was about to introduce the week of shutdown)

Functions/Objectives: I can…

  • Talk about everyday community activities
  • Exchange information about things to do in my community 
  • Navigate the community using various modes of transportation
  • Ask for and give directions to a specific destination
  • Understand the name of a product, the cost, and where to buy it
  • Give advice and make suggestions
  • Tell others what to do or what not to do

**We will be reviewing unit 3 a lot (preterit & travel) over this virtual period and will pick up with unit 4 upon our return to the classroom in April**



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