Ms. Crutchley

Corona Update: I will keep in contact through StudentVue. This is all new to us and we will get through it together. In the Folder --> Useful Links, you will find links to IXL, Khan Academy, JLabs, and the textbook used for your class. If you forgot your IXL password, please email me and I will give it to you. 

Class Schedule: 

Green Days

Blue Days




Geometry TT w/ Hartung
Room 2106
Geometry TT w/ Hartung
Room 2106


Geometry TT w/ Kilgallon
Room 2103
Algebra I Part II
Room 2106


Planning/Duty Geometry TT w/ Kilgallon
Room 2103


Office Hours:
After school help needs to be pre-arranged with Ms. Crutchley. 



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