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The following information is the Calendar of the Standards.  It contains all of the standards for World History & Geography I. 

Units for World History & Geography I


Highlight indicates units taught as of 3/13/20.


Unit 1: Human Origins and Early Man WHI.2a-d

2a) Impact of Geographic Environment

2b) Characteristics of Hunter-Gatherer Societies

2c) Advancements that Stabilize Communities

2d) Effects of Archaeological Discoveries


Unit 2: Ancient River Valley Civilizations WHI.3a-e

3a) Early River Valley Civilizations

3b) Development of Social, Political, and Economic Patterns

3c) Religious Traditions

3d) Overview of Judaism

3e) Development of Language and Writing


Unit 3: Early Civilizations of India, China WHI.4b-f

4b) Early Civilization of India

4c) Overview of Hinduism

4d) Overview of Buddhism

4e) Early Civilization of China

4f) Impact of Confucianism, Taoism & Buddhism


Unit 4: Persia and Ancient Greece WHI.4a,5a-f

4a) Persia and its Imperial Bureaucracy

5a) Influence of Geography on Greece

5b) Social and religious structure

5c) Culture of Athens and Sparta

5d) Persian & Peloponnesian Wars

5e) Phillip of Macedonia and Alexander the Great

5f) Contributions of Ancient Greece to Culture


Unit 5: Ancient Rome and Christianity WHI.6a-g and WHI.7a-c

6a) Influence of Geography on Rome

6b) Social and religious structure of ancient Rome

6c) Social structure and cultural development of the Roman Republic

6d) Political and Military Structure of the Roman Republic under Julius Caesar

6e) Political and Military Structure of the Roman Empire under Augustus Caesar

6f) Impact of Pax Romana

6g) Fall of the Western Roman Empire

7a) Overview of Christianity

7b) Impact of the Church of Rome in the late Roman Empire

7c) Spread & Influence of Christianity & Catholic Church


Unit 6: Byzantine Empire and Eastern Europe WHI.6g, 8a-e

6g) Fall of the Western Roman Empire

8a) Constantinople

8b) Impact of Justinian

8c) Characteristics of Byzantine Art & Architecture

8d) Disputes Between Roman Catholic Church & Greek Orthodox Church

8e) Impact of Byzantine Influence & Trade


Unit 7: Islamic Civilizations WHI.9a-c

9a) Overview of Islam

9b) Influence of Geography on Islam

9c) Contributions of Islamic Civilization


Unit 8: Trade and East Asia WHI.11a-d

11a) Global and regional trade routes

11b) Diffusion and exchange of technology and culture

11c) Impact of Shinto and Buddhist traditions and influence of Chinese culture

11d) Impact of Mongol Empire


Unit 9: Africa WHI.12a-c

12a) Early African civilizations and kingdoms

12b) Development of Axum, Zimbabwe, and West African Kingdoms

12c) European exploration


Unit 10: Americas: Mayas, Aztecs, Incas WHI.13a-c

13a) Mayan, Aztec, and Incan Empires

13b) Development of civilizations of the Americas

13c) Mayan, Aztec, and Incan Empire


Unit 11: The Middle Ages WHI.7c, 10a-e, 14a-d

7c) Spread & Influence of Christianity & Catholic Church

10a) Location of societies in Western Europe

10b) Development of the Franks

10c) Development of the Magyars and Anglo-Saxons

10d) Development of the Vikings

10e) Development of feudalism and the manor system

14a) Emergence of centralized monarchies

14b) Conflicts among Eurasian powers

14c) Black Death

14d) Preservation of ancient literature


Unit 12: The Renaissance WHI.15a-d

15a) Italian Renaissance

15b) Rise of Italian City-States

15c) Contributions of Artists and Philosophers

15d) Compare Italian & Northern Renaissance


New update to All Students and Parents!!!

Test retakes for the Rome unit are now available.  The retakes will be completed on Google Forms.  Please refer to Google Classroom for further details. 


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