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Algebra I


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AFDA Algebra I

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Hello and welcome to Ms. Lewis' Algebra and AFDA class page.  This class utilizes "The Hub" as its primary means of providing information/resources to parents and students.  I will email updates through the communication tool found in Teacher/Student/Parent Vue.  

I have uploaded the curriculum overview for both classes under files and documents.  I have highlighted in yellow the objectives we have completed and the objectives that were not covered in red/orange.  I have also uploaded resources to aid in the continuity of education.  These assignments are not graded and have no due date.  

Lastly, I am accepting all missing work from quarter 3.  All formative assignments are attached as a resource in student/parent vue.  You can complete the work on your original copy provided in class, print a new copy, or pull the resource up on a computer or phone and show all work on a sperate sheet of paper.  Please make sure to title the assignment. Email it to once complete.   Please reach out through email if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank-you so much and stay safe!


Algebra I