Mrs. Gonzalez
703-583-3200 (School Number)
FCCLA Advisor

Hello and welcome to Mrs. Susan Gonzalez's Nutrition & Wellness and Independent Living page.  This class utilizes Google Classroom as it's primary means of providing information/resources to parents and students until we return to school.

Google Classroom:
We will be using Google Classroom this year.  Google Classroom allows me to create and collect assignments paperlessly.  Students can keep track of what's due on the Assignments page and begin working with a click.  Students should login with your Google Apps account.  To access Google Classroom, visit: (remember you have to use your Google Chrome Browser)

Class Schedule: 



Gold Days (Evens)

Blue Days (Odd)


Nutrition and Wellness

Independent Living

Flex/ 3

Flex A/B

Nutrition & Wellness


Nutrition and Wellness

Independent Living



Nutrition and Wellness

Office Hours:

Most afternoons.  Please confirm to assure I am available.