This class performs music at the VBODA grade 3-4 level. students meet daily where we continue to reinforce good posture habits and focus on tone production. most students from middle school will place in this orchestra as they begin high school. daily home practice is expected.

Important information for closing of school due to Coronavirus: 
- Students and teachers are NOT allowed in the building, no excuses; instruments and other materials will remain in the building until the closing is lifted and administration can enter the building
- If you forgot your instrument; there are ways to can practice without the instrument, "mental practicing", practicing rhythm, matching pitches by singing (apps on devices)
- I will post material and lessons on Google Classroom frequently, please check!
- I will have Zoom lessons frequently. If you'd like to work on something specific, please let me know and we can work something out.
- Lastly, take this time to spend time with family and catch up with friends via Zoom, google hangouts and Facetime.

Be safe!

Mr. P