upcoming events

Forest Park High School will have item drop-off and pick-up opportunities for underclassman students/families on June 11 & June 12 between 11:30am-4:00pm. School items such as textbooks, instruments, uniforms, etc... may be dropped off. Items such as yearbooks, personal locker items, and medicine(s) located in the clinic may be picked up. Prior to arrival remember to have the student name(s) and student ID numbers written large and legibly on a piece of paper to display to staff. Parents/guardians picking up medicine from the school nurse will be asked to display their driver’s license for verification. Upon arrival please ensure that passengers are each wearing their personal protective equipment.  Please refer to the email that was sent for further information. Additional information can be found under the Daily Announcement link below.  We thank you for your help and patience during the process.


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