DeAnna Wells

Corona Update: We use Google Classroom. I've started to post things there. I want to STRONGLY encourage students to check StudentVue and complete any missing assignments. Please email me with any questions. This is new for everyone, so please be patient. If they need their passwords reset to log into Classroom, let me know. 

Some ideas to stay on track while being home:

Audible is allowing free audio books, it's so beneficial during this time to continue to work on comprehension. 

Disney+ educational recommendations: Brain Games or anything on the National Geographic section. 

Read Theory: If they need their logins, I have them. Password is read2019. 

Podcasts: I'll put some recommendations for each class into the page. 

TedTalks: I'll put some recommendations for each class into the page. 

Word searches, crossword puzzles, vocabulary.

Class Schedule: 


Green Days

Blue Days


English 12 2123 English 12 2123


Reading Improvement 2123 Planning


English 12 2123 English 11 2123


Planning Reading Improvement 2123

Office Hours:
Flex Periods
Additional support after school, upon student request and prior reservation
Emails are typically answered within 24-48 hours

Google Classroom: We will be using Google Classroom this year. Google Classroom allows me to create and collect assignments paperlessly. Students can keep track of what's due on the Assignments page and begin working with a click. Students should login with your Google Apps account.  To access Google Classroom, visit:  (remember you have to use your Google Chrome Browser).