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 I want you all to know that I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. I will be posting various reading and writing activities each week. These activities 
will assist you in practicing your skills you have learned.

Writing Activities

Write a story for each picture. Use your imagination and be creative. Do a rough and final draft.  Email your work.
1st Paragraph- what happened before the picture.
2nd Paragraph- why did this happen
3rd paragraph- what happened after the picture

Image previewImage preview

The New York Times has created questions related to different topics. Using two paragraphs write your opinion/feelings about each of these topics. Email me your work.Image preview

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Prior to the school closure, all of my English 9 parents were contacted and given Read Theory password/usernames. In the next couple of days I  will update everyone about assignments. If you did not get your child's Read Theory Information, please email me.
Please work on improving your Reading Skills by logging on to and complete 3 reading assignments and the the writing prompt.  Make sure you use 5 complete  sentences in your response.
 Review your Literary Terms we learned this year using this site. Click on online games and flash cards to review.


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