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Online Office Hours Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 -2:00 and Monday 11:00 - Noon

Classroom 2124


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  1 & 3    

English 12
Team with  Mr. Alonso
Room 2124

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English 11 
Team with Mr. Alonso 
Room 2124 


     5 & 6


Office 2133
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English 11
Team with Mr. Alonso
Room 2124

CoVid 19 Updated info:

Class Information: I team teach with Mr. Alonso.  At this time we are not assign any new work, as directed by the county.  If you have missing work you can submit the work to Mr. Alonso ( and to me as well for data purposes) Mr. Alonso and I will communicate by email in the coming weeks. All educational activities are posted on Mr. Alonso's webpage. He also sent out an email to students and parents. On his pages (English 11 and English 12) are a links to the textbooks online.  There are files for each English grade level with the past assignments, if you need to complete missing work.  If you did not turn in Vocab 8 do the remediation assignment in the vocab folder for the unit 8 words and send it to Mr. Alonso.

Note:  If you have any type of access problems contact me at and I will respond within 24 hours with help. This includes explanation of texts, directions, as well as, online and computer resource that can be helpful.

****I will post new information as I receive it from the county in files and documents in a folder called CoVid- 19 Updates. 


NOTE:  I am posting new video review lessons in Discovery Education every Sunday evening.  This video instruction reviews the standards we covered in marking periods 1-3 to help improve student understanding of the English curriculum. The link to Discovery Education can be found on my Useful links page and students simple use their pwcs credentials.


Important: In an effort to centralize information. Calendars and assignments are posted on Mr. Alonso's page.  I will create folders of resources that provide more enrichment and breakdown texts and assignments and make them more accessible 



Life Skills 1-2
Life Skills 1-2
Life Skills 1-2