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Look out for weekly emails (sent out on Sundays) with office hours invitation codes and look weekly in the files and documents sections for a new folder (updated by each Sunday) with instructions of what we are working on for the week.  When you have tried the provided documents and checked your answers, there are link(s) at the bottom of the instructions where you can "test" yourself, I will get the answers, and can tell you how you did.  If you have any other issues or concerns please reach out and email me at

Covid-19 Update:

First off I hope that everyone and their families are safe and healthy.  Due to the unprecedented and unexpected closure of schools for the rest of the year here is an update.  I expect that we will in some shape and form finish out the year with distance learning.  Not sure exactly what that will look like we are awaiting updated from the school division and we should know by Friday March 27th what this will look like and what will be expected. 

So until more information is available just make sure that all any old missing assignments are turned in electronically by Friday 3/27 (those would be assignments in the gradebook marked March 9th -March 13th, as those are the ones that would not be past the deadline yet since we have been out of school).  All missing assignments should be in our folders on this page, if one is not there let me know and we can figure out what to do.  When I have more information I will update everyone on how we will do the quarter check (which is our retake for all 3rd quarter summative learning targets), future assignments, and future tests/quizzes. 

Below is where our classes were so that you can review any old learning targets that need addressed and be prepared for all future learning.  There are videos for all learning targets that we have covered in our Unit folders under recorded lessons.  Should you need additional video or practice Khan Academy is a great tool, let me know if you should need additional help and I can suggest help on a case by case situation.

Pre-AP Chemistry / Chemistry

Here is the county pacing guide:

Highlighted are the sections we have covered.  Those that were in school Friday 3/13, have taken their Unit 8 Test, and the rest of us should be ready for that when direction comes from the county as to how this will be accomplished.  Then my guess is we will through distance learning cover the remaining topics, and when we get more direction on what that will look like I will be in contact.

AP Chemistry

We have been following the curriculum set forth by AP Central for AP Chemistry.  Below are the Units to be covered in AP Chemistry:

Due to Covid-19 the AP Exam will be a 45 minute online test this year.  It will only be covering Units 1-7, of which we have covered Units 1-6.  I will be working with ways to share the information (probably through videos) on the last Unit Equilibrium.  In the AP Classroom (everyone joined this earlier this year) I have unlocked Units 1-7 if you want to review using the resources of AP Central.  I also have videos in our Unit folders for the topics we have covered.  Here are some links to AP Central with more information:

The following link to College Board Updates for AP Students

The following link to AP Reviews (both live and archived)

As more information from the school division becomes available I will share how we will cover the last unit and how we will finish up the year.  Any assignments in the gradebook dated 3/9 through 3/13 can still be turned in electronically for credit by this Friday 3/27, and when more information is available I will be in contact. 

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Pre-AP Chemistry



AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry


Pre-AP Chemistry

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